How To Clean Your Bathroom

How To Clean Your Bathroom

Sunday 21st January 2018

Many of us would love to have to have a spotless bathroom and would like to be fully prepared for those unexpected phonecalls of guests wanting to pop round for a cup of tea or dinner.

Despite it being quite self-explanatory that the living room and kitchen will be the obvious rooms to clean, the bathroom tends to not be paid much attention to.
However, the condition of the bathroom does tend to reflect how a family lives their daily life. An unclean bathroom is never pleasant no matter who you are.
Our GMG cleaning specialists have designed the following 5-minute wonder list in order to help you get the bathroom up to scratch and ready for those unexpected friends and family.

  • Apply the bathroom cleaner around the bath, sink, taps and shower screen and allow it to soak for about 30 seconds
  • Use a tile/grout cleaner
  • Organise the soaps, brushes, any children's toys, and store these safely in a small basket or if you have additional storage, you can store these away in a cupboard.
  • Remove any hair from the bath, sink, plugholes, taps, using a clean microfibre cloth, clean the surfaces ensuring you rinse in between. Allowing the cleaning solution to settle for 30 seconds, will result in any dried up toothpaste or soap scum to lift much easier from the sink
  • Using gloves, dispense toilet cleaner into the bowl and then wipe each segment (the bowl, the rim, the seat and the handle using an anti-bacterial cleaning wipe, or a microfibre cloth, which is dedicated only for toilet cleaning and which is washed in a washing machine at high temperature after every clean. Make sure the handle is cleaned first to prevent any germs or bacteria spreading to the other elements of the toilet. Using a toilet brush, scrub the bowl repeatedly and then flush. Finally, with a clean cloth wipe the floor around the toilet quickly
  • Replacing your used hand towels often is vital, especially when you have guests!
  • Allow adequate ventilation by opening the window

That's it - you can now rest assured that your bathroom has now been hygienically cleaned and is fresh for everyone!

For your personal safety, never mix two cleaning products together.