Tips On Cleaning The Kitchen

Tips On Cleaning The Kitchen

Sunday 21st January 2018

When you have no time to call in your professional house cleaning specialists at GMG Property Services, why not try these helpful tips for a quick kitchen clean! The clean should take you less than 20 minutes to do...easy right!

Fill Up The Dishwasher
If you did not have time to fill up the dishwasher the night before, it is the right time to do this now and get those dirty dishes out of the kitchen sink. We can all agree that nobody likes to see the kitchen sink stacked with dishes.

Clean The Sink
All types of sinks need a good clean whether they are porcelain or traditional looking sinks. The best way to clean your sink is by putting some bicarbonate of soda on a cloth and gently rubbing this on the sink. Using a disinfectant and kitchen cleaner, you can clean your sink with this and rinse when done.

Wipe The Worktops
Using an all-purpose cleaning solution and a cloth (depending on the material of the kitchen worktop), you should wipe all areas of the worktop to ensure that it has all been fully hygienically cleaned and disinfected.

Clean The Hob and Oven
It is not a pleasant site to see burnt on food in your oven or hob. Using an all-purpose cleaner and a good harsh sponge, one that is specially used for removing grease, wipe away anything that is stuck to the inside of the oven and on the hob. Wipe away with a damp cloth and dry fully.

Clean The Appliances
There are different cleaning products you can use depending on the type of appliances you have - be it stainless steel or just standard white appliances.
If you have stainless steel appliances, purchase a stainless steel cleaner. Otherwise, you can any all-purpose cleaner and spray the cleaner onto the surface of your white goods and drying them with a microfibre cloth.

Vacuum And Mop The Floor
Quickly vacuum clean over the kitchen floor ensuring that you have picked up any crumbs, general dust, and dirt that builds up. Vacuuming completely changes the look of your kitchen in minutes, thus do not forget to do this. Finally, using a floor cleaning solution, add this to a mop bucket with warm water and mop away! Your kitchen floor will be left sparkling!

For your personal safety, never mix two cleaning products together.