Will I Be Charged For Cleaning At The End Of My Tenancy?

Will I Be Charged For Cleaning At The End Of My Tenancy?

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Most tenants tend to leave the property in pretty good condition, however, they still worry if their deposit will be deducted if they do not organise a professional en od tenancy clean. So to ensure that you receive as much of your deposit back, continue reading the useful information below.

Your Contract

Before you check-out of your property, it would be a wise idea to take out the tenancy agreement and look at the contract you signed before you first moved in. There should be a clause in the agreement that outlines your responsibility as the tenant/s and what is required of you at the end of the tenancy i.e. it should state what condition the property must be left in when you check-out. The Landlord or Agent may inform you that the property must be left in the same condition as you found it.

If your Landlord paid for a professional clean and/or a carpet clean before you moved into the property, then you will be required to hire professional cleaners to undergo the same process before or just after you have moved out and before the check-out is done.
In the event that you fail to return the property in good/acceptable condition, your Landlord or Agent has the right to make deductions for a professional clean as the property must be left in good condition ready for the new tenancy.

Discrepancies and Deductions

End of tenancy cleaning costs is one of the most common disputes that occurs once a tenancy has come to an end. Although there will be cases where certain aspects will be classed as wear and tear - something which is acceptable to a certain extent, tenants must ensure that even these are attended to and are cleaned. Therefore it is vital that you organise a professional end of tenancy clean as to avoid deductions being made from your deposit.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

Since this scheme was first introduced in 2007, Landlords and Agents are required by law to protect the tenant's deposit using one of the government schemes - TDS, DPS or My Deposits. Doing this will enable the Tenant to put a claim on any deductions that they feel are unfair and should not be deducted from their deposit. Once you have filed a dispute with the government scheme (check with your Landlord or Agent), your deposit will be protected until the adjudicator has made a decision.