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Spring Clean


Last minute cleaning for those unexpected guests? We will leave your property looking fabulous and fresh!

Oncce in a while you may be thinking about doing a thorough clean of your house/flat including the dreadful things such as cleaning inside of cupboards, drawers etc. To you it may be challenging as it is quite exhausting and time consuming doing it yourself, but to us, it is an every day thing!

Spring Cleaning prices vary depending on the size of the property, condition it is in, and any specific areas that you require to be cleaned. Call us for a free quote.

Cleaning your home top to bottom and corner to corner, is a daunting thought, that is why GMG Property Services are here to do it for you.

Below is a slight glimpse of what our spring clean entails. Although, this is just a short list, our cleaners work through a checklist to ensure that no area in your home is left untouched.

  • Cleaning of cupboards inside and outside
  • Deep cleaning of the oven, hob and extractor hood/filters
  • Deep cleaning of the fridge/freezer
  • Cleaning of kitchen appliances

Examples of prices according to your property type:

Studio Flat | £119.00

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom | £137.00

2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom | £151.00

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom | £195.00

3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom | £215.00

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom | £245.00

4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom | £280.00

4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom | £325.00

5 Bedroom - Contact us for a quote

Prices are generated individually - these can be adjusted to accomodate the needs and expectations of the client.

Call us to discuss your requirements and get a more accurate quote.